Aleksander Antoszek

Student, artist, writer & tutor

I'm Aleksander (Alex, Alek, Olek), a student from Kraków, Poland.
I love asking questions and helping others. I'm interested in art, philosophy, psychology, urban planning, productivity & effective education.
Above you'll find a few quick links to my top pages & projects.
Below you'll find my current projects, ideas and more about me.

Let's chat. If you're ever in Poland, let me know. Or let's connect virtually



is the way I realize my ultimate life goal of helping people. If you're a student of any age, and you want to move the needle, let's talk.

is my personal blog, where I try to write something thoughful every single week. I do often fail at that though.

The Productive Student

is a YouTube channel, website & Discord server for students who want to improve their productivity, master deep work & manage their school-life balance (links coming soon).

Codzienne Myśli (Daily Thoughts)

is my daily blog in Polish.

In Search For Balance

is my personal, weekly newsletter. In it, I share thoughts, observations & stories from my quest of finding The Balance.

Notion Community

is a collection of communities based on various platforms all about the all-in-one productivity app called Notion.


I figured that doing this section in the form of questions and answers is the best, here they are:

Who are you?

First of all, I'm a human being. Right?
I was born in Kraków, the second biggest city in Poland on a rainy Tuesday in June. I've lived there ever since.

I'm a human version of Google Maps. I know all the countries. And their capitals.
Flags learning in progress. I love sharing completely useless, but fun geographical facts.

I'm an artist. Mainly a photographer. I used to share all my work on Instagram, now keeping it mostly for myself & friends (contact me if you're interested!).

Oh, and did I mention that I love productivity? I'm very invested in becoming a better learner and teacher. I've been a Montessori student my whole life, so effective/alternative education is my vibe.

There are many other things I am. It's hard to summarize everything into this tiny website.

What do you want to do in life?

Help others. Give what I have and listen.

Can you help me?

I 100% want to. If you're struggling with productivity/schoolwork/motivation, or are working on a project that I could help with, contact me.

I like you, can we connect?


Why do you never show your face online?

With all the deepfakes, manipulations & privacy issues, sharing your face (arguably the most personal thing you own) doesn't sound like a fun idea to me. Although I am a real human being, and we can connect!




Four Continents To Freedom : A Biography Of Millie Rytel by Sandra Lundin -

4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt


FEVER DREAM by Of Monsters And Men

i,i by Bon Iver

I Am Easy To Find by The National


Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell

How To! with Charles Duhigg

The TED Interview with Chris Anderson


Daily blog in Polish

Somewhat weekly blog in English

Weekly newsletter in English


Kraków, Poland metropolitan area


Motivated as hell

Inspired by Derek Sivers